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No need to shell out $3500 to see the 9 keys and method. A while back I emailed ACE and asked if he could provide proof of his trades. Hi sent me a disparaging email back. You will see what creates his magic blue lines.

Yes, the classes can be filled with boisterous enthusiasm, but why the fuck would you care if you are making money? If you cannot afford all this plus starting with at least 10k in your account, you have NO business day trading futures. Over the past year, I have received over 20 individual requests from prospective purchasers to review Ace Trades.

I want to ask you later Sir regarding PAMM if you have it and your course when I’m ready… Thanks again.. Hi Rayner, it is an excellent article written. I would totally agree with all those points you have laid out. Though it may sound demotivating or quite discouraging in certain sense. I can see your genuine motive in doing so. Here’s a tactic I’ve used to flush them out….

@ Bob, “Why not just show verifiable proof that you trade real live account.” Bob, never bring logic to a shill fight. When I was a kid, I grew up in rural California, in the flat dusty farmlands of Sacramento Valley. Lots of different produce, almonds, cattle, etc. Except once every year, after the harvest in fall, the carnival would show up. After the harvest was the only time anyone had any money to spend.


In a nutshell, this Mensa verified, genius, option trading millionaire sends members one trade a week on a Monday…with a goal of doubling the money you put into the trade. Are you looking for a 70-80% successful signals for day trading? Bulls Eye Traders has the most accurate, precise and powerful … Will have the SP500 guru review out in a few days.

Everyone is helpful and respectful, and is freely sharing their results. If you attended a trial version, you do not have access to the training material as do the paid members. Without it, you might think you’re getting usd cad trading strategy a gist of what is happening, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what he’s doing. And well, that’s the room I want to stick with forever. Yes, the internet is full of BS’ers and scammers but ACE is not.


Get an edge on the markets with our daily trading newsletter, Trading Insights, and receive timely trade ideas covering stocks, options, futures, and more to keep you on the right side of the action. From trading basics to advanced strategies and high-probability set-ups, the insights you need from our all-star lineup of trading pros is delivered straight to your inbox. I’m currently finishing the last of the three day free sessions. The trading room was NOT recorded over. And while I have a problem with his calling resistance and going short for scalps in a bull market, the scalping was profitable. Over the three days he repeatedly called exact resistance and target levels accurately BEFORE the market had gotten to them.

Everything in REAL TIME. Emmett, I saw NO sign of commentary being overlaid on pre-recorded “footage”. Yo Trenton – GLAD you asked buddy…Tighty Market? Yes, it was a grind, low volume, back and forth BUT for those in the TRENCHES @ Ace Trades, well you’re NOT going to believe this BUT, ACE called 2043’s TODAY LIVE this morning. Market actually bottomed 2040’s so we left a few scraps for the “Stray Dogs” in the house (Woof-woof). Not too shabby picking up 12 points from the bell, but hey, only a select few grabbed the entire 10+. I actually had a small loss in my trading as I was going rogue but ended the day with some tasty profits.


You will always get the feeling that you missed it and wonder if you should get in now that you are late. He will then remove the chart in order to keep you feeling you missed out on his previous call. Ace has no tested indicators or formula, or robinhood penny stocks anything else that will give you a market edge. However, if you watch his hand crafted, after the fact, post market trading video’s, you will clearly see a reoccurring pattern of being able to perfectly call a market top and a market bottom.

Of all of the rooms that I have reviewed, Ace is definitely the most fun to listen too. He is like a sports commentator providing fun banter and exciting play by play. His carnival barking is another story. The fact that he has admitted https://forex-world.net/ that he doesnt trade is news to me although I find it hard for him to be able to do what he does in the room while actually putting on trades but thats just my take on it. I meant the 5 starts to be for your review, Emmett My mistake.

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Being able to get into many of the trades is often a challenge for various reasons. The bottom line is that if you get some of his winners and some of his losers, what is the end net result? As a trader, learning a methodology is not cut and dry as personality, account size, risk tolerance and above all mental stability, if you will, all play a big part in being able to trade that method/style. If the guy isn’t actually trading his own personal live account in the trading room then he MUST be a real snake oil salesman and not worth a minute of anyone’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bullseye Traders

People so skeptical, based on their own past experiences, will never be able to recognize the real thing when it comes along. Even if someone provided such proof, you would continue to be skeptical, and seek other means of proof, and that would just go on and on, ad infinitum. Just remember this, you heard it here from multiple members of AceTrades just how good the room is. Anyone that gives Ace one cent after reading your mind numbing post deserves what they get. Next time instead of being up 37% maybe post your up 1000% to really capture the DENSA members.

Jeff Bishop is a very knowledgeable trader. He has the ability to quickly identify potential winning trade, knowing the profit as well as the loss potential of those trades, going in. The only negative aspect of following Jeff is that his sessions are only 1 hour, once per week.


Oh yes I know you do not need to show any proof. Code words for you cannot show any proof. I once read a quote, “No lie lives forever”. With trading vendors that lie, cheat and steal from honest people always get exposed, it just takes time. And I’m not advertising, just letting you all know that if you want to waste you time in this dark, mindless hole of the uniformed – stay put.

The stock market offers virtually any combination of long-term opportunities for growth and income, as well as short-term investments for trading gains. MoneyShow’s weekly Virtual Learning Letter showcases a variety of on-demand webcasts and video market commentary by top financial experts covering the hottest financial topics each week. Computers on Wheels – Cars are becoming incredibly complex, with basic systems like AC and windshield wipers requiring multiple electronic interfaces simply to function.

But you’ll keep coming back to lose over and over again because you’re too stupid to NOT believe their lies of your “odds” – House always wins.. I dont know how Ace works out his levels, but they often work out to be the close levels of htf swing points, eg daily, H4, H1 and M30. I draw/update all these lines on my chart before I start; and identify clear demand/supply points/areas. Hi Billy – wow, do you use that mouth to kiss your wife (or boyfriend?) – such vulgarity – make your momma proud. And quite the opposite…I am NOT a “F-ing idiot”…and I think I’ll pass on the “sucking” fetish you seem to have…leave that to you and your BFF’s. But if you EVER want to pull your head out of your “arse” (that means “Ass” Billy, in case you’re not following), then MAYBE you can see the light of what Ace can teach you.

He has never taken a trade in the room. He has no faith in his own system if he never trades it himself. The no spend challenge deutsch main thing is that he pops up a chart with his lines after the price has already moved in his direction.

Also, your trading profits must be more than your opportunity cost of trading. Because you only have one thought in mind… which is to quickly make back the money you owe. But when you’re in debt, whatever control you have is clearly out of the window.

Based on the similar diction, misspelling, and horrendous grammar of several ‘room participants’, I would estimate that a double-digit percentage of them are actually Ace & Co. To think that at one time I had this room on my short-list of trading rooms to join horrifies me! Keep up the good work, Emmett, even though Google ranked you below the unbelievable – in every sense of the word – ‘acetradesreview.com’ when I searched for reviews. Hey Emmett, As a member of acetrades, I must say that you are inaccurate in your assessment in the fact that he does call levels well in advance quite often. That being said, his entries tend to change from time to time in order to fit into his 3 tick risk scenario but he always has his levels and targets.

I know MY account is much healthier in his room than without. So you and all the other lemmings stay here, slam ACE all you like…I’m going to make some bank on HIS calls – day in, day out. I don’t want to give the shills any more oxygen but in all this time that they have been posting here not one of them has offered any proof of their claims; nothing, zilch, nada, zip, zero, not a bean. It’d be the easiest thing in the world for them to shut down the criticism and skepticism but they can’t do it. This rambling mess of a post from Mongo does not deserve a response and I must be crazy to try. As far as I can figure it Mongo isn’t going to make us eat humble pie by showing us proof because he doesn’t want us to sign up for Ace’s room.

What dies Kevin have to loose by reveling his true name and capacity? It’s the only right thing for him to do. This isn’t the same Ace that goes by the @super1nyc handle on twitter and stocktwits before he was booted off there, is it? It’s a very different chat room based on reading this review. I was robbed by the guy who runs it and so were many others. The victims wound up getting in touch after the fact via social media and were able to penetrate all of his aliases.

With trading diversity including stocks and equities, cryptocurrencies, stock options, penny stocks, and even some real-estate, 2H aims to cover every area of asset management and trading. I did several market replays of his videos. If you follow his bull/bear levels he’s not that bad. You have to be quick on the trigger and use small stops – you may get stopped a few times before you find a decent trade. His levels don’t match any traditional support/resistance levels.

But alas, I fear not as your obvious mental deficiencies (just say’n) – you’d might not be able to follow the method. Too bad, its quite simplistic and once you “get it” you “own it” for life. – Never posted a single future trade, never ran a trade room, zero futures experience that can be verified. Your tradingschools.info website is a very lame attempt at defamation, Ace/Mongo. That “review” is the only content on the site, which was obviously constructed to divert online searchers from Emmett’s factual review of you and what you sell. Thankfully, this site and this review exist and can spare people from paying to support your nefarious nonsense.

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